Marinas Must Restrict Access for Recreational Boating

We commend the Premier for taking bold and strong action in the fight against COVID-19. We believe his decisions saved lives as we faced potential exponential growth in COVID-19 and its variants.

Fishing and boating provides an opportunity for individuals and families to be outdoors with benefits to their mental and physical health, without being in close contact with others. Additional benefits to fishing include economic benefits, and is a means of healthy and affordable food.

The most recent Order in Council has the implication of the closure of boat launches which allow families access to fishing and boating. Section 37, subsection 3 of the Order states “the person who operates the marina shall not permit it to be used for recreational boating purposes”.

Will you all the Premier’s office to bring this oversight of access to fishing and boating by way of boat launches from marinas to the attention of the Premier?

CLICK HERE to complete an online form where we will then send you a templated letter for you to copy and send to your MPP.

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