Old Cut Boat Livery Sold

LONG POINT – Sue and Ray Ferris Sr. have sold their last scoop of minnows.

After 45 years as third generation owners and operators of Long Point’s Old Cut Boat Livery, Sue and Ray have sold the business which Ray Sr.’s parents, Harv & Ev sold to them in 1972. The business was originally founded by Shirley and Angus Ferris (Harv’s parents).

Old Cut 2
The Old Cut Boat Livery

The Ferris family’s ownership of The Old Cut Boat Livery isn’t going to end with its recent sale. The business is going to remain in the Ferris family as Sue & Ray’s son, Ray Jr. and his wife Amie have purchased the property.

“My parents are very deserving of their retirement,” said Ray Jr. “After 45 years of working long hours, sometimes from 5AM until 9 and sometimes 10PM, it’s time for my Mom & Dad to do a little fishing on Long Point Bay themselves.”

However, Ferris Jr. doesn’t think that his father is the type of person who will ever retire. “I hope and expect that my Dad will remain an active part of the business. Customers come to see him, hear his stories about Long Point and look at his treasures that decorate the walls.”

Sue & Ray’s first year of owning the Old Cut was an adventurous one. In 1972, Long Point experienced extremely high water levels. So high that Sue & Ray sat their 6- month old son’s playpen on cement blocks to keep him out of the high water that flooded the floors of the Boat Livery.

Amie & Ray Jr.’s plans for the business include continuing to serve the many boaters, anglers and customers that count on The Old Cut Boat Livery as their one stop shopping for a day on Long Point Bay.

“It was always important to my parents that a day on Long Point Bay was affordable for families. That remains important to us too,” commented Ray Jr.

The new owners also have some ideas of their own for what will now become a fourth generation owned and operated business. Right away, more gas pumps, a longer season, increased summer hours, and a food truck will be added to the business.

Amie & Ray Ferris Jr. are also owners of Erie’s Edge Real Estate Ltd. The husband and wife real estate team will be opening a branch office of their real estate firm at the Boat Livery. “It will be business as usual for our real estate brokerage. Amie & I will continue to be involved full-time in our real estate business,” mentioned Ray Jr.

The Ferris’ are eyeing expansion plans for their real estate business. Their long term plans for the property include rebuilding The Old Cut Inn which was built in the early 1930’s by Angus Ferris. It was originally operated as a snack bar and dance hall until 1941 when Angus expanded the Inn and created a large hotel offering meals and rooms to patrons until it was destroyed by fire in the early 1970’s.

Old Cut Inn
The former Old Cut Inn

“I’ve heard from some of our customers who have been coming here for decades reminisce about The Old Cut Inn,” remembers Ray Jr. “People often talk about my Grandparents’ hospitality and home cooked meals that my Grandma (Ev) served.”

A recent tourism study identified a short-term shortage of accommodations in Norfolk County during peak season. Additionally, Long Point is no longer home to any eat-in restaurants.

“For these reasons I think that there is a need for another Old Cut Inn,” Ray Jr. believes. “It’s also a natural addition to our real estate business.”

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Old Cut Boat Livery is a marina located on Long Point Bay. Visit us for all your fishing and boating needs.

13 thoughts on “Old Cut Boat Livery Sold

  1. All the best to Ray and Sue on there retirement !,, and congratulations to Ray Jr. and Amie on there purchase. Looking forward to the return Of the Old Cut Inn in the future ! . Nice to see another generation taking it over, long Point definitely needs a place to eat a nice meal and some lodging for guests . Frank & Janet Niville.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Ray and Sue on your retirement! I wish Ray Jr. and Amie all the very best in the new adventure on which you are embarking. I really like the idea of having the Inn and restaurant again. When Bill Vasily used to own a cottage a few down from the Marina, I remember the Marina and the wonderful service they received. Wishing the whole family the very best in all their new adventures.


  3. Yes many fun Years were spent in Long Point and a lot of memories with the Ferris family Catching snakes, turtles that they would keep and some used them for bait or Ev may have made turtle soup at the Inn We spent a lot of time going up and down the cut. Enjoy your retirement Ray & Susan


  4. Well, I can tell you that Ray and Sue have been such great people that I’ve gotten to know over the past 15 years of docking with them. I’m hoping there’s still a slip available in the spring. Maybe I can take Ray Sr. out and find all those “lucky” spots to get those fish!
    🙂 Congrats to you both!
    Ken Schwartzentruber, Jr.


  5. All the best on your retirement. Congrats to Ray and Amie. We know you will be great proprietors. Can’t wait for a sit down Restraunt…..kudos


  6. Congratulations Ray and Sue! It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and renting a boat over the last 20 years or so. You have worked so hard. I’m glad that you will now take a break and enjoy retirement and have the flexibility of coming and going as you wish, instead of being tied down!
    Congratulations Ray and Amie, I look forward to renting a boat from you to go after those wonderful small mouths.


  7. Happy Retirement Ray and Sue. You two were always very generous and I enjoyed our conversations. I hope to see you there still once in awhile! You two deserve it!! You have been a great part of the Old Cut for many years and your business has always been fantastic!! Look forward to some of the new upgrades and meeting Ray Jr and his wife Aimie. Hope to see you on the water Ray Sr and maybe one day you can come out with me for some bass slaying!!!


  8. We will miss Ray & Sue…Our family has been on the Old Cut for 4 generations!! Loved chatting with them all summer…so happy it is staying in the family!! Mark, Lynn & Cody Hayward


  9. Hi Ray,

    Thanks very much for the birthday card, that was very thoughtful of you.

    It was great to see your recent takeover of your Mom and Dad’s business on the Old Cut and also your ambitious expansion plans. I remember the old hotel sitting there and always thought it must have a million stories.

    Your Dad was and is still an idol of mine for his ability to establish such a stress free lifestyle. I would tell Old Cut visitors that he never wore shoes from May till October, unbelievable. When things got out of hand up here with the stressful real estate business, traffic jams and whatever else I’d think about your Dad and wonder what am I doing here.

    Listen , all the success in the world and when I do get back down, I will stop by, barefoot of course.


  10. Good luck with all of your future plans with the Old Cut Boat Livery! I love your long term plan of rebuilding the Old Cut Inn. It would be great if you could rebuild similar to how it was to reflect on yesteryear and to give it the vintage vibe!

    Here’s to making new memories for everyone!


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